DARS Consett is about to change for the better – We’re going beyond just creating a new website to meet the services of our customers.

We will always be focussed on delivering the best repair services for your domestic appliances, by a friendly engineer. Only now we are working hard to improve our services to the next level.

…and being able to say ‘we’ is just one of the ways we are doing this. DARS has been a sole trader business for a number of years and we are now lucky enough to take on another dedicated engineer who will be working as an apprentice to Stephen Murray.

Supplying training to a new appliance engineer is really rewarding for us as a small business, it means we can fix our customers washing machines and cookers more efficiently, by sharing the workload and managing more technical jobs efficiently. It also means we can expand by providing new services, too.

Bringing in new staff will mean we can repair your kitchen appliances when there are more technical faults with them quicker, while  prioritising the less demanding simpler fixes for all of our customers, whether commercial or domestic.

There is more in the pipeline for us too – We are also introducing some new services, so we can meet the ever increasing requests and demands we get from our customers, new and regular.

These will include integrated appliance installation, so as well as being qualified to install all kinds of free-standing white goods we can meet the needs of those who wish to fit new integrated  machines into existing fitted kitchens and utility rooms.

We are now going to offer PAT Testing services – We have had requests from our commercial clients, whose machines we have serviced, repaired and fixed over the years to be able to test their portable appliances and to be able to offer this service on its own, or at the same time as delivering other servicing and maintenance requirements, helps their business to run efficiently, too.

For our domestic and home customers, we are making things easier too – The last thing you need when your appliances do let you down is any more inconvenience and the first thing you need is the right help and advice to hand.

DARS is looking to add easier payments to their offering, we will provide updates on as soon as we can accommodate – AND  there will now be a range of video tutorials, FAQs and other information available on the best actions to take when your tumble dryer or oven does need an expert.

Being a good and trusted tradesperson now is about delivering the best service to our customers and not always about making the most money we can from the few customers we get.

We have now overcome the challenges that a sole trader encounters when they are competing for business amongst larger repair franchises and now by working with local people we have created strong dependencies on sharing these services.

A strong social and business network has been built around the Consett area and surrounding regions which enable us to share professional services.

In the last year or so a number of respected tradesmen locally have come to the end of their working lives and packed away their tool boxes for the last time.

This has created more demand for our services and being able to put back into the community is an honour.

Using businesses and training new people with skilled professional capability  and experience locally, we are building a company to be even more proud of  that are going to be needed in the future.

We welcome at this time, for our customers to provide recommendations and testimonials we can use online, you can send these by clicking here.

The new website will not have any specific launch date – It is being designed and built by a friend, who came to be a friend from being a customer in the first place. Despite the added functionality and modern clean design, this work is being done by him as a hobby, so our customers will not be paying the price for this.

It is the same friend who designed our original website, which has received many compliments in the past and is still available here, until the new website is fully completed and functional.