Appliance Engineer

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An appliance engineer such as myself will frequently get requests on a call out for more than one appliance – and these requests come most often at the busy times of year, during the holidays.

The reason for this is that an extra tumble dryer in the garage that stopped working a few weeks ago isn’t a priority, but when all of a sudden the one and only washing machine fails as well, just before you have most of the family staying over, the urgency to get those appliances fixed suddenly becomes a priority.

It is during these busy times when it is more difficult to find an engineer to come and get your appliance working again and often people are surprised to hear that engineers often have multiple call outs to service at the same time.

We also carry out servicing and maintenance on appliances, so if you do have one of your white goods fail, it might be an idea to ask us about another appliance while we are there.

That noise that has started and wasn’t there before, could be quickly looked at and a lot of the time simple maintenance can be carried out to prevent a more serious fix being required next time.

If you already have an appliance repairman there to do you bidding, take advantage of of having our man there, we are just as happy to advise as we are to fix..