Appliance Repair

Apart from Generally offering Appliance Repairs, it is often the case that repair, maintenance and servicing is required on more than one appliance at a time.

There are a number of reasons for this, for example following accidental damage to a room in a house where it is safe to continue using the appliances but more than one kitchen appliance may not be working perfectly.

An example of this may be a power-surge for example which could affect the components of more than one of your household fittings.

Another example of where this is typical is where a fitted/integrated appliance has not been working for some time, but the householder has been able to get along without it until a second appliance fails.


The Christmas period is usually a busy time for us, because someone with a second washing machine in the Garage they have not needed to use for a while and that is when their cooker stops working properly – This is a time when many people have families, friends and guests and those appliances need to be in good working order and reliable.

We appreciate that it is not just businesses that can have multiple appliances in need of repair and so we are happy to review/ waiver call out charges and to combine labour charges at our own discretion to meet our customers’ increasing demands and needs.

An appliance repair often comes as an unexpected expense which is not normally budgeted for and so if we can provide an economical service that leaves our customers happy and satisfied we are always willing to discuss the ways we can save you money on having all your appliance repairs carried out in a way that is affordable and economical.

Information about the prices of our services can be found on our pricing page and if you are unsure about the cost of having work done, give us a call and we can advise on what is likely to be best for you.