Tumble Dryer Repairs

As you can see from our safety pages, Tumble Dryers have the potential to go wrong, really wrong and so fixing them when you spot an issue as quickly as possible is essential.

Carrying out repairs on appliances is something that should be done by an experienced expert who can make sure that the work is done in the safest possible way.Having a qualified engineer who is responsible for making sure that your tumble dryer is fixed so it is safe, reliable and working efficiently, guarantees this.

Stephen Murray from DARS has worked as a sole trader in Consett for a number of years and if he is unfit to work then this has a direct impact on his business – So we take the most care possible to make sure that we fix your tumble dryer with every safety consideration accounted for, rigorously.

The signs that your Tumble Dryer are in need of repair could be anything from an unusual noise, rumbling, knocking, squeaking or rubbing and sometimes these unusual noises are less subtle, if your dryer does BANG, stop it, switch it off and check for any issues – If you are unsure, give us a call and we are more than happy to advise what to do.

Not every tumble dryer issue needs a call out, sometimes it is just a case of advising what you need to do to maintain it well.

If you notice any smells, smoke or your tumble dryer is overheating – or if it is cutting out and stopping mid cycle too frequently, you probably need to have it looked at.

When your dryer is not working properly and if you are worried or concerned about it, give Domestic Appliance Repair Services a call – Our repairs are very reasonable and you will always be pleased with the friendly and helpful nature of our engineers.

Fixing your machine doesn’t need to be expensive, it could be cheaper than you think and never underestimate the cost of ignoring a fault on an appliance.

DARS Consett is a business that has been built on trust, reliability and recommendations and we take this reputation very seriously – So for a competitive, safe, quick and efficient overhaul of your drying machine, get in contact with us – We’re here to help.