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Forsters is a well-known and trusted Euronics  Electrical retailer in Consett who have been trading a bit longer than DARS Consett has – As a retailer of appliances we work well in partnership with each other supporting our Consett based businesses. Because supporting other businesses in the community is an important part of owning a reputation which is important to our customer base in the area.

It used to be the case that our customers would have appliances which were beyond economical repair and so an urgent installation was a priority to that customer and supplying a replacement cooker was something that we did for our customers. This would require us to source an appropriate electrical kitchen appliance, purchase and arrange collection at a suitable time, as well as a convenient time to deliver and install a new appliance for our customer.

inside forsters

Inside Forsters Consett – Euronics Electrical Retailer

By working in partnership with Forsters in Consett, we are now able to arrange quick delivery and installation between the two companies, that allows DARS to arrange a very quick replacement cooker or washing machine to be delivered and we are on hand to arrange installation.- Forsters themselves are also able to sell their appliances through a trusted network of traders who are dependent on local reputation.

Outside Forsters

Outside Forsters

This saves the customer from having to seek out recommendations on a suitable replacement appliance, know that the replacement cooker is going to fit and saves them having to shop around to get the best appliance product for their needs at a reasonable price.

By having a trusted appliance engineer that they can refer their customers to for installation means we can support their business in the best way possible. Having the expertise of an appliance engineer to install their appliances, rather than a delivery driver who is trained to carry out a quick install for a major retailer and is usually from a third party logistics company, operating on their behalf.

Forsters has a full range of electricals and household goods and we would recommend them to any of our customers as a trusted retailer, we’re pretty sure they would say the same for us too.

The photos featured were taken with permission of Forsters, to publish on our website and raise the profile of both businesses.

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Customer Feedback

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