Cleaning Companies

Cleaning Companies often operate with the minimal amount of appliances required, but when you think of it, a cleaning company often has not just the vacuum and carpet cleaning machine to think of.

For example a sole trader cleaner might not need this, but a franchise cleaning company may very well have a washing machine or tumble dryer for making sure overalls, aprons and tabbards for their cleaning staff are kept as pristine and immaculate as your squeaky clean branding you are trying to keep polished.

What we do know also is that a cleaning company is really likely to encounter an appliance in need of repair, a commercial cleaners might be the first people to spot that the dishwasher isn’t working, or the water isn’t draining away – Especially if it gives additional work, like a floor which needs cleaning after a machine creates flooding.

Maybe you do end of tenancy cleaning services and it becomes apparent that one of the appliances in the property isn’t working, you might report it to the letting agent.

We deal with lots of different companies and by working with other businesses including cleaning companies we can keep each others’ companies running effectively.

Maybe yours is a car cleaning service or valeting is a service carried out by your car showroom and the hoover/vacuum is an essential piece of equipment and whatever your appliance repair need, our engineers can help.

If you think that DARS Domestic Appliance Repair Services can help your cleaning business, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Are you a cleaning company that has used DARS Consett? We are updating our website to include testimonials from customers, we would love to hear from you about your experience so it can be featured here, or on our testimonials page.