Anyone could just set up a business and happen to live in Consett, could have bought into a franchise where the area hadn’t been covered already, for example.

In fact that’s exactly what happened to us some years ago, when a franchise chain that is reasonably well known and is doing what we do,  set up locations in the towns of each of the areas we covered. Consett, Stanley, Chester-le-St and Durham.

Each one of these locations had an office set up, had a fleet vehicle which stands out (perhaps in the most ridiculous way imaginable, but it stands out) and got national budgets used for their marketing both on and offline.

So how did an appliance engineer who runs his operations from home, manage to compete with these seemingly bigger players?

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen over night – we have worked tirelessly to provide the best Appliance Repair & Install business in Consett and to make Consett more than a territory on a map to be dominated by an appliance engineer – Although we have done that pretty well, too:

appliance repair consett

We have spent years providing a competitive service to our customers so that we can get their appliances repaired efficiently, but we also work closely with other businesses in Consett, such as Forsters another business who has worked hard to be recognised not as a commercial brand , or a company or a business but an integral part of what the area stands for.

If you are such an important business in the area, your reputation needs to be enviable and we can only do that by being the best appliance repair engineer, by having people in Consett’s community know who you are and by having the people from the area trust you as a tradesperson.

If you live in Consett but have not come across our business before, please ask your friends, family and neighbours about us and we are confident that they will tell you that we do a great repair on any applaince, cooker, washing machine or dishwasher and that we do it at a competitive price which is fair.

We do it at a price that does not include any franchise fees, does not have the overheads associated with a commercial premises, franchise fees, marketing contributions or having a ridiculously big screwdriver on your van all day, every day. (Can you imagine what that does to the running costs of those vans?)

You know what you are getting from us is honest labour, from a reputable engineer and tradesman and that is what you really need, isn’t it?

Image - Courtesy of Wikipedia

Image – Courtesy of Wikipedia:

Terris Novalis, Level Sculpture, Consett - Image blatantly 'borrowed' from

Terris Novalis, Level Sculpture, Consett – Image blatantly ‘borrowed’ from