Cooker Repairs

It’s never the case that there is anything wrong with your cooker, it is always in good working order and ready for you to cook any time of day or night, that you feel like a quick hot snack.

There is a time when your cooker stops working, it’s when you are just about to bake the special cake you promised for your niece, or volunteered to cook for your parents the first time your parents are to meet your latest crush and you really hope they all get on.

Of course a cooker can need a repair at any time, you never know it until the moment the electric hob just decides it doesn’t warm up.

..and then you need an urgent repair, you need your cooker working again and you need it quickly.

In Consett, Chester-le-Street or Durham we can have our handy little DARS van out to you; we can come along, see to it that your big cooker or your little electric oven is in good working order, ready for your Dinner Party when your boss is coming over with their significant other expecting to be wined and dined, or even if you are waiting for your oven-ready dinner-for-one to be cooked.

Any Cooker Size or Type can be fixed or repaired by our expert engineers, you can always rely on our cooker repair man. Our Appliance Engineer is always around to get your Cooker fixed as soon as possible.