We’ve worked with a range of businesses over the years and the following has been taken from our website News in 2011, in the interest of integrity we should state that this particular business customer has not had so much need in the last one or two years, to support the repair and maintenance of their machines.

This said TLC are a shining example of how we do like to support businesses that are regional to us and use our services, no matter how recently or long ago.


TLC is a Launderette, based in the Birtley area of County Durham.

TLC Laundry services offers a collection service, service washing and an ironing service.

If you would like to arrange for a service wash, collection or ironing service, please contact them on 0191 410 0574.

TLC Laundry services have been using DARS Domestic Appliance Repair Services for a considerable amount of time.

The TLC is a very busy launderette in the popular location of Birtley – and as such their washing machines and tumble dryers are in need of regular servicing, maintenance and repairs.

It is important to have a flexible and reliable appliance engineer on hand.

Broken down or unreliable machines are an inconvenience for the customers, can create delays in the operation of the business and cost the business, if they are not operable and well serviced.

As peace of mind for our customers, we can always rely on a DARS repair to make sure TLC Laundry services is operating at full efficiency.

For high quality service washing, laundry collections or Ironing services in and around Birtley, County Durham – Contact TLC Laundry Services on 0191 410 0574.