DARS VAN 2016 – Updates, coming soon.

DARS VAN 2011:

Since DARS domestic appliance repair services started up, the DARS van has been a winning formula for customers.

For clarification purposes, there is at the moment, only one DARS van, driven by Stephen Murray.

People when contacting DARS have said that they had seen ‘one of the vans’ going by and remember it, with the memorable DARS name standing out boldly and the ‘spark wire’ logo.

With the set up of the new website, the Van has recently undergone some changes – obviously keeping the spark logo, it’s proved popular and memorable.

The signwritten changes to the van feature the abbreviated url which is far easier to type into the browser than and certainly easier to remember than the url for the old website.

Also the more memorable email address has replaced a less recognised email address previously used.

The spark wire logo is also soon to be integrated into the new website, replacing the stock image, split wire end, which is currently being used.

“Using the dars-consett URL will make it easier for people to come straight to my site and will tell me about my offline advertising too, so it’s win-win, really – Plus it  looks better on the van.”