“Some of the people from our little bit of the road now, don’t even call me Stephen any more, they just refer to me as ‘Darsy'”

Domestic Appliance Repair Services, the name of the company was always going to end up getting abbreviated and up until recently was only shortened to ‘D-A-R-S’ (or D.A.R.S) with the letters spelled out – It wasn’t ever really the intention to have the company abbreviated to a single word, ‘DARS’ or ‘Dars’.

The original website www.domestic-appliance-repair-services.co.uk was always intended to spell out the name of the company AND what we do.

www.dars-consett.co.uk was registered at the same time, just to provide a shorter, more memorable website name that could be typed in easily by customers and redirected to the old website with the full name.

Who we are, naturally as a company is going to be how people know us  and if you look at the 2011 van post you can see that D.A.R.S as an acronym was just that, rather than any sort of a brand.

As time has moved on, the Acronym has become our own little brand we are proud of and what we are known for. Our Tagline for our Services has also moved on too… ‘Appliance Repair & Installation’ is how people find us locally, now.

The need to have a new and reliable van came with a need to have livery and decals applied for the company – It also came at the same time as the need to have our website responsive for mobiles.

You know how it is, if everyone calls you by your nickname and it is endearing enough, you start to respond to it, don’t you?